US Insurance Companies, Employers and Agents Rally Around Medical Tourism in Chicago

The anticipated largest group of insurance companies, employers and insurance agents will converge in Chicago for the Medical Tourism Association’s 4th Annual event, The World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress October 26-28, 2011.

Jul 11, 2011 – Continuing the successful trend of developing innovative and productive objectives, this year’s medical tourism congress event will be creatively integrated with the Employer Healthcare Congress, one of the largest US insurance conferences, where up to 1,500 delegates from Insurance Companies and agencies from several industries (including Self Funded Health Plans, Healthcare Reform, Voluntary Benefits, and Corporate Wellness) will network with similar number of international delegates and stakeholders of the Medical tourism industry.

Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association said, “We are very excited to have strong integration between these two events. We have integrated Keynotes, crossover sessions, lunch and a cocktail reception which will provide our Medical Tourism and International Healthcare attendees many opportunities to network and meet these US Insurance and Employer attendees.”

“At a time when many insurance companies and employers are becoming more knowledgeable about and interested in implementing medical tourism, the time is right to integrate on a larger scale,” Edelheit added. These US buyers will be in addition to the international buyers joining us through our International Buyers of Healthcare Program, and also in addition to all the international insurance companies, international employers and international facilitators attending the MTA conference and the Global Benefits Conference, occurring at the same time. This year in Chicago will be our biggest year yet!”

Chicago is a central hub in the United States with many of the largest international and domestic insurance companies and employers. The integration of the two conferences will make them the largest benefits and healthcare conferences in the world.

Jenny Dodson, Assistant Manager for the Employer Healthcare Congress said, “The Employer Healthcare Congress feels our US insurance attendees will receive tremendous value from learning about international healthcare and meeting some of the top industry leaders in medical tourism. We have arranged on one day an opportunity for all attendees of the Employer Healthcare Congress to have an opportunity to go into the Medical Tourism Exhibit hall and to meet some of the leading companies, hospitals and governments showcasing their healthcare services. ”

The World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress and the Employer Healthcare Congress will take place October 25-28th, 2011 at the Marriott Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois. The MTA’s annual conference, is made up of several conferences, besides medical tourism including the Global Benefits Conference, the Healthcare Investment Conference, the Healthcare Development Conference and the Health and Wellness Conference.

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The 2nd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress will feature up to 2,000 attendees from over 50 countries and up to 100 exhibitors and sponsors. The event is set to develop bilateral relationships between international healthcare providers and Health insurance Industry Stakeholders.

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