Renée-Marie Stephano, JD

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Global Healthcare Resources

Renée-Marie Stephano is president and co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association®, editor-in-chief of Medical Tourism Magazine® and the Health and Wellness Destination Guide Series of books. Ms. Stephano is also founder and CEO of Global Healthcare Resources, the leading global consulting and market solutions firm in Medical Tourism, Destination Medicine, Wellness Travel and Corporate Wellness. As founder and president of Corporate Health & Well-being Association, Renée-Marie is passionate about improving productivity through corporate wellness programs. She brings strategic solutions for the integration of medical and wellness travel, corporate wellness and population health management strategies for destinations worldwide.

GHR’s outreach spans a network of over 2 million execs and professionals through its managed organizations, events, magazines, books and large social network.  Renée-Marie is an advocate for professional development as an integral component in changing the way we access and receive healthcare globally. She is passionate about connecting a global network of buyers with health providers that are transparent in quality and pricing and dedicated to international best practices for traveling health and wellness seekers. She has developed a series of professional training and certification programs for healthcare, hospital, and tourism for medical and wellness travel and currently serves as a Director of the International Luxury Hotel & Travel Association.

Ms. Stephano has authored several books from “Developing International Patient Centers, Best Practices in Facilitation,” to “Medical Tourism for Insurers and Employers,” and “Engaging Wellness ~ Corporate Wellness Programs that Work.”

Ms. Stephano previously served as an attorney specializing in corporate transactional law. Now, she brings her passion to governments and hospitals around the world to develop sustainable medical travel patient programs and strategies. Renée-Marie encourages the growth of international partnerships and affiliations between providers, governments, and corporate buyers and envisions a greater synchronicity between medical travel and health equity programs, strongly believing one can and should fund the other. GHR developed strategies for South Korea, Washington DC Department of Health, State of Florida through Florida Chamber Foundation, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Pacific Brain Tumor Center, University Health Network of Canada, and provides advisory services to many other leading hospitals and medical tourism destinations around the world.  GHR utilizes a decade of collected data to create sustainable roadmaps and identify services and target markets through a proprietary software called Global Decisionz™.

She deals directly with ministers of health, tourism and economic development to establish public-private partnerships that support medical travel while, at the same time, providing a direct benefit and return to the local community through glocalization. To this end, she organizes one of the only Ministerial Summits that brings together influential policymakers related to health, tourism and economic development every year bridging medical travel with population health management concerns.

Ms. Stephano also is founder of the International Healthcare Research Center, which publishes the peer review and academically validated Medical Tourism Index® which ranks destinations around the world in medical travel.

Renée-Marie is a keynote speaker at international conferences, has spoken at hundreds of events and is a featured source of reference on issues related to health, travel and tourism for media outlets around the world.

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