Dr. Sarib Rasool Khan

Dr. Mohammed Sarib Rasool Khan is the Managing Director of Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr VRK Women’s Medical College, Nimra Institute of Medical Sciences and Ayaan Institute of Medical Sciences.

His exceptional leadership and management skills have been instrumental in the evolution of Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences as one of the most premier medical institutions in India. And under his guidance, his institutes, today are imprinting themselves on the global academic platform. Students from his institutions are winning accolades across the world and making their presence felt in clinical and research  fields. Scholarships for the poor and needy have been formulated in which all deserving students are given opportunities to exhibit and excel in their interests without the burden of any financial responsibility. His hospitals have been providing quality medical care to thousands of patients completely free of cost in India.

Dr. Sarib Rasool Khan has been a patron for various literary, art and cultural events in the city of hyderabad since the creation of the new state of Telangana in India. He has sponsored numerous workshops and conferences conducted by both National and International organizations in the new progressive state. He has won many accolades and appreciation for his efforts in the promotion of the historic city of hyderabad in India.