GHR Answers the Global Demand for Medical Travel, Healthcare and Wellbeing Education

Slashing Certification and Membership becomes the Associations Mandate – 75% off – Certification & Membership is $279.

The global healthcare and benefits industry has been undergoing a paradigm shift. Corporate wellness initiatives are  moving away from focusing on the physical well-being of employees to their entire well-being, multiple attempts have been made to repeal the Affordable Care Act causing uncertainty about the future of these regulations, high-profile hacks have caused the sensitive information of millions to be made public, and the people across the world are beginning to see that medical care doesn’t have to be performed at their nearest hospital but where they can have it done affordably.

To overcome and leverage these changes into positive results, industry players need to prepare themselves with the knowledge and tools that are essential to success in 2018.  As an industry association devoted to the success of all involved, Global Healthcare Resources is leading the drive to supply these essential resources.

For a limited time, one can receive their Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® (CCWS), Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® (CHRS), Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist® (CVBS), or Certified Medical Tourism Professional® (CMTP) designation and receive a corresponding industry association membership for only $279.

“By providing both certification and membership, we can help individuals looking to advance their knowledge and career immediately and in the long-run,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, JD, CEO and Founder of Global Healthcare Resources. “The certification provides the information they need to know, right now – it provides them updates on the latest offerings, regulations, and best practices they need to know to help their career thrive today. The association membership provides them with the support and networking opportunities to help them grow and develop long-term. We are very excited to be able to offer this support in 2018 and help drive the industry forward.”

GHR association members receive:

  • A leading industry certification like CCWS, CHRS, CVBS, or CMTP
  • Discounts or free access to GHA events, including the 2018 Healthcare REvolution Conference in Orlando FL, October 28 -30
  • Access to new inquiries and business opportunities
  • Visibility and advertising on GHR Websites
  • Access to thought leadership with an article published in one of our industry magazines
  • Access to GHA meetings
  • Consulting call with our experts to help transform your business
  • Access to exclusive resources, content, tools, and news that will drive your business.
  • VIP access to our sponsored live webinars
  • Invitations to participate in private committees and focus groups

“With the New Year coming, there is no better time than now to make an investment in yourself and your career, and the place to start is by completing one of our certifications and joining one of our associations,” said Jonathan Edelheit, Principal, and Founder of Global Healthcare Resources. “Individuals with a certificate earn on average 20 percent more than their peers with only a high-school diploma. This, coupled with our associations giving you access to a new network of professionals and opportunities, will make 2018 your best year yet.”

About Global Healthcare Resources

Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) is a solutions firm of international experts providing consulting to organizations and government bodies seeking strategy, development and market penetration services for healthcare, wellness, well-being, medical and wellness travel, employee benefits, insurance, precision medicine, and genomics. GHR touches over 2.5 million C-Suite, HR, insurance, healthcare and travel executives, and has a reach of over 1.25 million members in the leading LinkedIn Groups it manages. GHR seeks partnerships with the Founders and C-suite of the most leading and disruptive companies to bring their vision to life.

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