CR Doctors To Sponsor 7th World Medical Tourism Congress

The Medical Tourism Association is pleased to announce that CR Doctors will be sponsoring the upcoming World Medical Tourism Congress which will be held September 20-24 at The Gaylord Convention Center in Washington Dc. The congress is the largest event in the medical tourism industry and is expected to welcome as many as 3,000 key stake holders from nearly 100 countries.CR Doc Pic 1

Costa Rica – A leading Destination For
Medical Tourism

As healthcare cost have risen in many countries more patients continue to cross borders in search of quality and affordable care. By almost any standard, Costa Rica has some of the best health care in Latin America and has been a top destination for health and wellness travelers for decades. By comparison, health care costs are about a third to a fifth of what you’d pay in the U.S., depending on the treatment

Due to its proximity and high standard of care Costa Rica began to attract US medical tourists, especially for dental work as early as the 1980s. During this period, Americans began traveling to Central America to get dental work that was not covered by their insurance or that they could not afford.

Today, Costa Rica is one of the most reliable, affordable and most popular countries for health and wellness travelers and given the impact of US healthcare reform the numbers are expected to continue rising.  Nearly one-quarter of Americans now have passports and flights to Central America are more affordable than ever.

About CR Doctors

CR Doc LogoCR Doctors is a website dedicated to become your best option to find the exact procedure you need at the best price with world-class specialists in JCI certified hospitals, all located in San José Costa Rica. Physicians who maintain CR Doctors standards of excellence are required to pay a monthly fee to be listed on the website. They also have to actualize their profile and include current literature justifying their methods.

CR Doctors acts as the best support between you and your procedure, accommodating to your basic needs and budget. You can browse on our webpage and read all the information about our physicians and the procedures you desire for free and then leave us a message or contact us for a quotation. It is an honor to organize your various needs from the moment you seriously consider having a procedure until your return back home from your visit.

We understand that health is one of the fundamental pillars of life, and it is our desire that you can have access to world-class medicine at an affordable price, so that you can live life fully.

Be A Part Of The Biggest Event In The Industry

Whether you are a healthcare provider, an insurance professional, or you represent a government organization interested in promoting your destination The World Medical Tourism Congress is the one event you cannot afford to miss.

Don’t take our word for it here is what our sponsors have to say:

We represent 65 hospitals in India. The conference is very well organized. Meetings have been great. The opportunities are greater than we expected.  We met a lot of facilitators as well as self-funded employers looking for cost saving solutions. The MTA is very important as the platform where everyone can meet and share experiences.”

You can learn more about the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress, Washington D.C. Sep 20-24 2014 or Contact Charlie Rodriguez at 001.561.792.6676 ext 812


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