Your DNA Blueprint will Change Everything!

Have you looked at your DNA?

What if I said if you were diagnosed with heart disease, your doctor likely would prescribe a common blood thinner like Plavix, and with this particular drug you will have adverse reactions? Would you do something to prevent that from happening?

Now, much of prescribing drugs can be like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. I now am one of the lucky few that took a genetic test just for drugs, something we coin “pharmacogenomics”.  Remember this name – because in two years it will be a standard benefit in most self-funded employer health plans.

I know now that my DNA shows Plavix is toxic to me and I could end up in the ICU for a few days if I took it. I now have my very own personalized roadmap on what drugs I should take if needed, in what dosage, and what to avoid based on my DNA.

What would be the cost of that to my employer, to my health insurer, to my family and to my personal health and happiness if I ended up in ICU?  This was my “aha” moment! 

Genetics (genomics) is going to disrupt self-funded healthcare, corporate wellness programs, voluntary benefits insurance, and population health. And I am not talking about cheap, “feel good” genetic tests, I am talking about serious genomics – testing the whole genome sequencing or identifying the right cancer medication to take.

Medicine is becoming more personalized. The multiple genetic tests including nutrition and fitness, pharmacogenomics, and cancer genetic tests enlightened and empowered me to take control of my health and wellness decisions like nothing else.

More importantly, it gave me the incentive to change; to change the foods I eat, the way I work out the drugs I take, and to make lifestyle changes to try to avoid the cancer I may be predisposed to.

Personalized and precision medicine is not a shiny bauble. Engaging genomics and prescriptive health tools should be a foundational benefit to employer health and wellbeing programs, and every population health management strategy.

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION gathers cutting-edge genomics companies into a new initiative called “Engage Genomics,” putting over $100,000 in genomics tests into the hands of employers, brokers, health plans, & TPA’s to give them their own “aha” moment.

The genomics workshop will educate about all the different genomics tests – which work, which don’t, which have a chance of providing ROI. Eliminate the guess work with a roadmap to success through the “Business of Genomics Summit,” showing how to implement a company-wide wellness program, right down to your DNA.

Register for HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION and contact me if you are interested in piloting genomics in your workplace or want to share your “aha” moment in improving health and well-being.  If you are doing something really innovative and successful and an are agent of change, apply for the Я100 INNOVATION AWARDS or the WELL-BEING 100 AWARDS to put your company at the top of the list.

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