Medical Marijuana: A Gateway to Trouble?

Lorinda Strang is an accomplished public speaker and respected advocate within the Addiction & Recovery industry and makes deputations regularly at the highest levels of both American and Canadian governance. Lorinda Strang oversees all daily operations of the Orchard Recovery Center in Western Canada and ensures the quality of care and treatment provided is consistent and of the highest calibre. She draws on her personal experience with addiction and recovery to convey strength and hope to clients and their families. Lorinda is committed to the Orchard’s community of recovery and is a powerful advocate for the addict who still suffers. “Our goal is for clients to leave the Orchard ready to live life feeling emotionally strong, personally accountable and excited about their ongoing recovery,” she says. “At the core of our beliefs and values is our absolute conviction that all clients can succeed.

Register today and come and hear Lorinda discuss how marijuana like many other prescription medications, has the potential for misuse, abuse and addiction and for some it can lead to the use of other drugs.      

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