Women’s Leadership Fireside Chat Closes First Day of EHBC17

The first day of GHR came to a close with the Women’s Leadership: Ask the Experts Fireside Chat. The event was a joint event between the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress served as a forum to share ideas, opportunities and means to overcome the obstacles women face in the workplace. The event featured six powerful women from Silicon Valley and media.

The event was moderated by Rasheda Ali, Author, Media Spokesperson, Speaker and Parkinson’s Advocate and daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. She opened the fireside chat with the story of how women influenced her life, including how her grandmother helped raise her after her father’s Parkinson’s diagnosis.

“She raised four children after my father met his greatest opponent, and it wasn’t Sonny Liston,” said Ali.
Ali, as moderator, took advantage of “rare opportunity to talk to these amazing and powerful women,” who included:

  • Cat Lee, Head of Culture – Pinterest
  • Pat Wadors, Chief HR Officer & SVP of Global Talent – LinkedIn
  • Becky Cantieri, SVP, Human Resources – SurveyMonkey
  • Lorna Borenstein, CEO & Founder – Grokker, Inc.
  • Patricia Diesel, Speaker, Author, Coach; Owner – Keep it Simple Now, LLC

Ali wasted no time and asked the panel for any lessons they learned about work/life balance.
“It’s about prioritization. Sometimes, home is more important and sometimes work is. Balance is a fake idea of perception, it’s about flexibility,” said Becky Cantieri.

Another thoughtful response was to Ali’s question about what women can do to advance their career. “Raise your hand when the opportunity for advancement comes, men do it all the time. Also, be advocates for each other. If you see someone talking over a woman during a meeting, change the tone by saying that you want to hear her idea, and then actually listen and ask questions. Finally, know your worth. You are worth a lot. Be aware of your skills and don’t be afraid to be proud of them,” said Pat Wadors.
Coming around to the theme of the event, Ali asked why it was important for women to care for their health and well-being.
“It sets women up for success. If you don’t have health what do you have? You want to have peace of mind and an environment conducive to wellness and be in a positive mindset,” said Patricia Diesel.

Lorna Borenstein gave excellent advice to the future women leaders when she said, “I am a big believer in visualization. If you can see what your future is, you can manifest it and if you can’t it is unlikely to happen. Then find your superpower, the thing you do better than anyone else. Mine is, other than being hilarious is the ability to see future consumer trends easily. What’s yours? Figure that out and leverage it.”

The session served as an excellent end of the first day. By inspiring the next generation of women across the ideas of health, wellness and business we rediscover why we entered this industry – to help empower people to live up their ultimate potential.

Stay tuned for more as the congress enters the second day.

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