Why Chicagoland??

Have you been wondering why the Medical Tourism Association chose Chigago, IL as the destination for the 4th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress? Check out some of these fun facts about the area that got us so excited to showcase the world’s largest Medical Tourism event in Chicagoland!

Many of the largest employers and insurance companies in the US are located in Chicago. Chicago is central to the US and an easy location  for employers, insurers to travel to, as well as buyers of healthcare from around the world. Chicago has over 2.8 million residents, is the most populous city in the Midwestern  United States and the third most heavily populated in the country. Its metropolitan area, commonly named “Chicagoland,” is the 26th most populous in the world, home to an estimate 9.7 million people spread across the U.S. states of Illinois Wisconsin, and Indiana.

The city is a center for business and finance and is listed as one of the world’s top ten Global Financial Centers.  The World Cities Study Group at Loughborough University rated Chicago as an “alpha world city” due to Chicago’s  important role in the global economic system. In a 2010 survey collaboration between Foreign Policy and A.T Kearney ranking the world’s top global cities,  Chicago ranked 6th behind Paris and Hong Kong and above Los Angeles and Singapore. The ranking assesses five dimensions: value of capital markets, diversity of human capital, international information resources, international cultural resources, and political influence.


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