Who’s keeping score? A Balanced Scorecard System for your Organization

Howard-RohmWhat exactly is a balanced scorecard? It is one of the key elements in creating a more strategy-focused, high performance organization. This is important in order to best align employees around the organization’s mission and vision. The workshop titled Business Excellence: The Institute Way to Creating High Performance Organizations will explain it all. It is led by Howard Rohm, Co-Founder and CEO The Balanced Scorecard Institute. Mr. Rohm will use a health care case study to show how an underperforming organization can improve its performance using a balanced scorecard system. This workshop is essential and will teach you things that can be applied to your business. The main key points will be: how to make your organization more strategy focused using the balance scorecard, how to direct employees to vision and mission in order to build accountability, how to execute strategy and measure the things that matter to achieve results and how to prioritize what’s important to make things work better and run smoother.
Howard Rohm is an expert on the topic. He is an internationally recognized leader in strategic planning and system management. He has 40 years of experience as a speaker, trainer, facilitator, author, educator, and consultant. Howard co-founded The Balanced Scorecard Institute to do what he has been doing for so long. They provide training, certification, facilitation, management systems, and consulting services worldwide in order to help business, non-profit, and government organizations improve organizational performance. Howard is known for having created the Institute’s Nine Steps to Success™ balanced scorecard framework and developed the first certification program for balanced scorecard practitioners in 2005, together with George Washington University.
With so many demands in the healthcare field, you cannot afford to have your organization working without proper structure. This workshop will take place November 4, in Las Vegas as part of the MTA’s annual conference. The Marketing/Business Development track is designed to help professionals take their medical tourism related businesses to the next level.
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