What does Certification in International Patient Services do for my Hospital & International Patients?

The Medical Tourism Associaton provides International Patient Services Certification (IPSC)™

This certification provides your hospital with the increased knowledge in providing the best patient experience through specific processes, procedures, transparency and quality. In looking through the eyes of the international patient, a hospital can start to see its services in a different perspective. In knowing what fears, anticipated services and quality a international patient is expecting, a hospital can provide or improve their existing international patient services department. Having all international patients provide the hospital with a summary of their visit and information on what they liked or disliked can provide the hospital with valuable information in providing and improving international patient services.

What does a patient gain from your IPS Certification? They understand that in addition to an international accreditation like JCI, your hospital has invested time and has  a specific interest in making their International Patient Services department the best it can be, insuring positive patient outcomes. Today more employers, insurance companies and consumers are looking for ways to determine who will best meet their needs. Ask yourself, what are we as a hospital doing to let our prospective international patients know we have gone the extra mile in the development or improvement of our international patient services?

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