WEBCAST REPLAY: Global Wellbeing Research Webinar

Wellbeing Without Borders: Findings from ShapeUp’s Global Research 

The Corporate Health & Wellness Association, in partnership with ShapeUp, invites you to join us for the replay of our recent webinar: Wellbeing Without Borders: Findings from ShapeUp’s Global Research.

If you missed out on our recent webinar or would just like to watch again click below:

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Do you know what your global employees think about your wellness program?

We do. We recently polled employees worldwide to gather a participant’s perspective on wellness programming.

If you missed out on this educational webinar, join us for its replay where we examine the results of our global research.

You will learn:

  • Barriers to engagement
  • Cultural challenges
  • Localized communications
  • And much more

Brought to you by ShapeUp and the Corporate Health & Wellness Association, this webinar features international health expert Wolf Kirsten and ShapeUp global account executive Erik Sayre.  




Wolf Kirsten

President & CEO

International Health Consulting




Erik Sayre

Global Account Executive









Sarah Hunt

Education & Engagement Leader

Corporate Health & Wellness Association