World Medical Tourism Congress: Piece de Resistance for U.S. Employer Savings

U.S. employers and their employees are feeling the pain of rising healthcare costs and complicated provisions surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Jack Norton, a human resources manager at Blue Lake Rancheria, heard a cry loud and clear, saving $12,000 in healthcare expenses for his employee in the process.Bruce Ryan, a construction manager at the Casino and Hotel run by the Blue Lake Rancheria tribe in Northern California, needed surgery for a debilitating and painful rotator cuff injury. His employer gave him the option to travel six hours to Stanford Medical Center or across the continent instead.

Both employer and employee are resting quite comfortably with the decision.

“No, we went to France – to Toulouse, France – and did it,” said Ryan, with a chuckle. “It was great.”

Bruce RyanRyan didn’t have to pay a dime – even $7,000 worth of deductibles and copays were waived – plus, he got to tour the Pyrenees Mountains, take in the local art scene, and sample French cuisine. Blue Lake Rancheria, well, they saved about $12,000, roughly 35 percent of what the surgery would have cost the company in California.

Self-Funding Medical Plans & Medical Tourism

U.S. self-funding employers who self-fund their insurance plans – like Blue Lake Rancheria – are crafting their insurance benefit offerings to include medical tourism options, which enable them to send employees on a plane to overseas destinations where procedures and treatment are not only affordable, but on par with services available in the United States.

Elevated quality and outcomes, price value, and travel experience in France – “the trifecta”

Elevated quality and outcomes, price value, and travel experience in France – “the trifecta” — as Norton refers to the medical tourism opportunity, didn’t come without some homework.

The French Connection began last year, at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, in Las Vegas, at which Norton was introduced to FRANCE Surgery, a medical tourism facilitator that would eventually assist both employer and patient with everything from travel and lodging on through plans for surgery and aftercare.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Self-Funding employers looking to save anywhere from 10 percent to 75 percent on elective surgeries like hip or knee replacements, cataract removal or even heart bypass can take a clue from Blue Lake Rancheria and attend the 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Sept. 20-24, 2014, in Washington D.C.

The Congress annually attracts more than 3,000 hospital administrators, doctors and clinicians, employers and human resource managers, insurance executives, government policymakers, and hospitality and travel interests with one thought in mind: charting a new course – one already successfully navigated by Blue Lake Rancheria — in accessing quality and affordable treatments without compromising the bottom line.

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