US Employer Saves $10 million through Medical Tourism


Healthcare reform may have helped temporarily shut down the U.S. government, but the medical tourism industry remains open for business – and leaving satisfied customers.

The Medical Tourism Association® welcomed home Joy Guion and Gary Harwell, both employees of HSM, a furniture and auto manufacturer in North Carolina, who underwent surgical procedures at Hospital Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica, and were featured on segments of “ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer,” Sept. 30, and later that night on “Nightline” following a consolidated effort of MTA and its members to bring the story to international recognition.  

The broadcast highlighted the forward-thinking healthcare strategies of HSM and Hospital Clinica Biblica, both members of the Medical Tourism Association®, the nonprofit trade organization which coordinated the international media exposure and serves as a conduit for the advocacy, awareness, and education of high-quality and affordable medical procedures and treatments around the world.  This was the first time a US employer televised its opinion of how US Healthcare Reform would have a positive impact on medical tourism, casting away much doubt about the uprising trends for the industry.

In the end, HSM said it saves money. Outsourcing medical care has saved it nearly $10 million in health care costs over the past five years, according to the company. Close to 250 of its employees have traveled abroad so far for medical care, and more are scheduled to go. (Source: ABC News )

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