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We specialize in providing borrowers with the optimal financing solution for their healthcare procedures.

United Medical Credit (UMC) is one of the leading providers of financing for medical procedures in the United States. UMC’s healthcare provider network consists of thousands of practices in the cosmetic, dentistry, fertility, bariatric, general medical and other healthcare verticals who trust UMC to provide their patients with a financing option for the cost of their procedures. Through its extensive network of lenders, United Medical Credit offers healthcare providers financing solutions for Prime and Sub-Prime patients resulting in the highest approval rates. UMC features no cost options for healthcare providers and no interest options for patients with no staff time required through one simple online application.


General Healthcare

The health of your patients is important and we believe they should have access to the best healthcare procedures at an affordable cost. This is why United Medical Credit is pleased to provide general healthcare financial assistance.Our loans can be used to cover a variety of procedures, including, but not limited to:

Dermatology Procedures
Spinal Decompression
Chiropractic Adjustments
Hernia Repair
Snoring/Breathing Surgery
Disease Rehabilitation, Power Wheelchair Purchase

And much more….

Healthcare Providers at the 8th WMTC

Each year more hospitals and countries are getting involved in medical tourism and international patient services, creating more competition. Healthcare providers, hospitals and systems need to invest in creating a sustainable global brand and leverage new domestic, regional and international business relationships to increase their number of patients.


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