Two Tails Ranch – Educating People and Saving Elephants

At the recent World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, attendees had the opportunity to meet Roxy in the exhibit hall. She was not hard to miss because she is in fact, a 10,000 lb. female Asian Elephant. Attendees had the opportunity to interact and take a photo with Roxy, making it one of the highlights of the 2015 conference.

Roxy came from Two Tails Ranch, in Williston, FL with the mission “to provide for, learn and teach all about elephants past, present and future.  Our goal is to instill awareness through educational programs on site for schools and professionals in north central Florida.” The ranch was founded in 1984 Theodore Svertesky and Patricia Zerbini who joined a year later. Since then, more than 250 elephants have made their home there.

In 2008, Patricia began educational programs for professionals to learn about elephants, thus All About Elephants, Inc. was created. In 2009, Patricia saw the need to open the ranch to guests in order to educate the public and professionals about elephants and have a first-hand encounter with these majestic creatures. When taking a private tour of the ranch, you will see more than elephants, but meet Piere and Tache, the ranch’s two Giant Zebras, two African Tortoises Spurthighed Bert and Ernie, Red Foot Tortoises Daisy and Rosy, Ostrich Katherine, Emu Peeper and Camel Louis. Private tours also offer the chance to feed and ride the elephants!

Working with an organization like Two Tails Ranch, and a beautiful creature of Roxy was an honor for the WMT & GHC. By borrowing Roxy for a while, we were able to help Two Tails Ranch in their mission to care for these animals, but they need all the help they can get. Each of their elephants eats 250 – 300 lbs. of hay, 10 -20 lbs. of mixed grains, 10 lbs. of special elephant pellets, 25 lbs. fresh produce, fresh cut bamboo, and elephant grass? Then to top it off, they wash this down with over 100 gallons of water. Imagine their grocery bill!

Find out how you can help Two Tails Ranch, and care for these amazing animals here!

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