New Developments with The Institute of Advanced Reconstruction, Exhibiting during the 8th WMTC

In recent years, the field of reconstructive surgery has been advancing at an astounding rate, particularly in the area of nerve reconstruction.Nerve Reconstruction and Paralysis Treatment

New developments allow patients to regain function and restore appearance in ways that were almost unimaginable in the not-too-distant past. The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction offers world-class reconstructive treatments, from new advances in nerve reconstruction for paralysis treatment, to newer, more life-like methods of breast reconstruction. Patients from across the country and around the globe come to our practice in New York City and Shrewsbury, New Jersey, to receive many treatments that are only available in a few select locations worldwide.

The physicians of the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction are leaders in the field of paralysis treatment using nerve reconstruction techniques. With a variety of specialized surgeries, we can often restore a significant degree of function to patients who have suffered stroke and other forms of paralysis; treatment such as nerve transplantation may be able to help patients who at one time believed they had exhausted their paralysis treatment options. To help patients with nerve damage regain function, we also perform brachial plexus reconstruction, bells palsy treatmentradial and ulnar nerve surgeryfoot drop treatment, and a whole range of other nerve reconstruction procedures.

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The 8th Medical Tourism Congress will gather employers, international insurance companies and foreign governments, consultants, brokers, agents, travel insurers, air ambulance companies and anyone involved in purchasing and providing expatriate health insurance coverage and travel insurance to their employees and members. This conference will be dedicated to only the highest level executive attendees involved in this industry. This Employers, Government and Insurance Company focused Expatriate and Travel Insurance Conference will feature over 30 expert speakers, mainly from governments, international insurance companies and employers and up to 500 attendees and up to 500 private one-on-one networking meetings. For more information: ·[email protected]



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