Take Your Child to Work Day is a Valuable Experience

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress invited the children of our employees into the offices today, Take Your Child to Work Day, for an eventful day of learning exactly what it is their parents do all day. They learned important life skills like how to dress for success, the role of human resources, the importance of accounting, basic web-design, how to post a blog – this blog entry in fact – and an introduction to social media.

Their day was more than just paperwork and presentations however, they children also learned the importance of activity and movement throughout the day. They took a short 20-minute “wellness walk” as they are known in the EHBC offices with the staff, took a 10-minute break during the demonstrations to stretch and get their heart rate up, and ate a healthy lunch.

A “Wellness Walk” with the children and the EHBC staff.

“This is a great opportunity for to expose these kids to the workplace” said Jonathan Edelheit, President of the EHBC. “Showing these kids just a fraction of what they can become is crucial, and hopefully what they experienced today will inspire them. We also had the opportunity to show them how a healthy office operates. While this may still be uncommon today, it is my belief that by the time they enter the workforce ‘wellness walks’ and activity breaks will be a common part of their workday.”

The day did consist entirely of the realities of work life or the importance of wellness, believe it or not some of the kids actually had fun. Here is what some of them had to say about the experience:

  • Hi I am one of the attends and my opinion is that this was a fun time and we also had breaks to get to know each other. I myself like anime and here are the other attendants opinions.
  • So we went to shark tank… which is just the name of one of the offices…. And then they had a…METRONAP! It was amazing, it was like sleeping on air!!!! Really amazing.