Gold Sponsor- Proexport Colombia

300COLOMBIA-ING-VERTICAL1Proexport Colombia is the go-to for all exports and foreign affairs in the beautiful country of Colombia. It is a government agency that is in charge of all of Colombia’s exports, foreign investment and international tourism. Colombia is gaining more and more recognition in the health world, offering clinics with the best medical advances and state of the art equipment. It is a great destination to visit, and now it is a great place to also get medical care while you relax in paradise. Colombia is a pioneer in Latin America, creating its own health accreditation systems, led by the Ministry for Social Protection while implemented and enforced by the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification. The accreditations take into account: patient safety, quality of the information provided to the patients and their family, quality of care, use of general and specific clinical handling guideline, care of the patient after discharge, compliance with patients’ rights and more.
Proexport Colombia is a gold sponsor of the congress and will be attending on behalf of Colombia’s most popular clinics. The World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace.
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