Polish Medical Tourism Promotion Consortium- Gold Sponsor 6th WMT Congress

The Polish Medical Tourism Promotion Consortium’s activities are addressed to potential patients, insurance companies, governmental health departments, medical tourism providers, business organizations and trade associations, interested in bringing patients from USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Russia to Poland.

Poland has globally renowned experts from all kinds of medical fields. It all starts with their medical schools having high standards and top-notch academic teachers training specialized doctors and nurses. Poland is known for short medical treatment wait periods several innovative treatments including: a non-invasive brain tumor treatment Gamma Knife, prostrate cancer treatment HIFU, VEDI (Vascular Erectile Dysfunction Intervention) and TAVR – a specialist treatment of a cardiac valve. All procedures performed in Poland are backed by international medical standards and are cheaper than most countries. Many medical procedures are even 80% cheaper than other facilities around the world. Their goal is to provide high quality at a low cost. And of course, with good quality, comes great care. Polish medical tourism facilitators guide guests through the whole process, from treatment selection to after the return home. Medical tourism facilitators book flights, hotel reservations, transportation, interpreters and all additional services. A great perk is that Poland is an interesting country for tourists, rich culture and history. Many integrated rehabilitation and SPA centers are located in our country’s most beautiful spots, near scenic parks, in the mountains and seaside.

A unique quality about some of Poland’s medical practices is their use of natural resources. There are multiple Polish health resorts focusing on prevention and treatment along with spa services. The health-resorts have modern and professionally equipped natural therapy facilities within the hotel infrastructure. The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine offers a unique treatment program. This health-resort stands out with their innovative rehabilitation and treatment of respiratory system diseases, based on the best models of modern medicine, using the natural microclimate of underground salt chambers, which is impossible to recreate above ground.

Poland is a Gold Sponsor of the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. The highly anticipated Congress will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace. We invite you to network with the most renowned providers from Poland during the event.

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