Gold Sponsor Mexico

Mexico is a proud Gold Sponsor of the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. Mexico attracts over 1 million patients for medical procedures. The main medical specialties are cardiology, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, fertility and reproductive health, oncology, orthopedics, dentistry, spinal surgery and bariatric surgery.

Mexico requires a modern policy of economic development in strategic sectors. The country is well positioned in the sun and beach segment, but there are other niches such as the health tourism industry that offer the opportunity to generate more economic benefit to the country.

In 2013 the Mexican medical tourism industry is forecasted to have a value of 2,847 million dolars. The country has 122 certified hospitals by CSG an accreditation system similar to JCI and 10 hospitals accredited by JCI.

The ratio of specialists to general practitioners in Mexico is 63.4% − above average for OECD countries (57.7%). Their goal for 2013 is to strengthen their development strategy and to consolidate Mexico’s health tourism image by 2015.They wish to become one of the top health tourism destinations in the world by 2018.

The top healthcare providers representing Mexico at the Congress are eager to showcase their wide variety of procedures, infrastructure and quality of service Mexico’s health system has to offer.

Mexico is a Gold Sponsor of the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. The highly anticipated Congress will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace. We invite you to network with the most renowned providers from Mexico during the event.

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