Massage U to Sponsor the 7th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress in Orlando

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL -The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) announces Massage U as an exhibitor level sponsor for the 2015 conference. The conference will take place September 27-30, in Orlando FL.

The 2015 EHBC will see new initiatives aimed to motivate and inspire industry professionals, and highlight the latest trends in the industry, including:

  • Hosting the 100 Healthiest Employer Awards Ceremony (H100)
  • Conference integration with the HR Professional Association and the International Luxury Hotel Association
  • Conference-wide wearable device challenge
  • 1st Corporate Wellness Incubator Shark Tank Competition, where inventors of wellness products can showcase their ideas and possibly receive financial backing

About Message U

Massage U, Inc, was founded in Culver City, California in 2007 by Paul Kleiman, a former attorney and massage therapist, to manufacture and market his invention, the Roleo Arm Massager. Paul invented the Roleo to treat his (and his colleagues’) hand and wrist issues from working in massage therapy. It quickly became apparent that the Roleo could help countless others prevent and ease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and similar conditions, including office workers, assembly line workers, musicians, dentists and dental hygienists, professional drivers, athletes, hairdressers. In fact, anyone who regularly uses a computer, tools, smart phones or any other devices that might put them at risk of hand pain and other issues.

Over 15,000 Roleos have been sold, and the response has been immensely positive. This year, Roleo has added a new partner/owner, Kiki Ryan, R.N., a consultant in the healthcare industry who brings years of experience in public health. The company is expanding its website to include other self-care tools and will be designing additional products including a foot-care device based on the original Roleo design. Massage U is excited to be attending this year’s Employer Healthcare Congress in Orlando, Florida.

About the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress consists of six niche insurance industry conference tracks;

With multiple initiatives and platforms to unite the thriving employer healthcare industry, the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) is one of the largest US healthcare conferences in the country. Riding off the success of the 2014’s event, the 7th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefit Congress anticipates up to 2,500 attendees, up to 200 Exhibitors and Sponsors.

Participants and attendees will have the opportunity to take advantage of the hundreds of one-on-one networking opportunities with registrants from all of the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Conferences, providing six times the traffic and networking for everyone attending the conferences this year.