The System is Rigged, but Together We Can Fix it

You know it and I know it.

Healthcare is the basic human need, yet it is by far the most important crisis facing mankind.

Despite a $10 trillion global spend for healthcare services, global healthcare funding vehicles only cover 60% of that spending, leaving 40% covered by cash paying patients who likely cannot access or afford the best care everywhere.

That means we need to get more of the right coverage for more of the right people ASAP. Yet, for employers, payers and providers, it’s more difficult and confusing than ever before.
Insurers, Pharma, and all the middle men are having record profits, making billions, but for the rest, the market economics make no sense.

Morally bankrupt and financially devoid, systems are literally bankrupting families and businesses, making it impossible to cater to the whole human – AND stifling innovation at the same time.

Self-funded and fully insured employers need innovative solutions and voluntary benefits “bells and whistles” to attract and retain new talent – just to stay relevant to employees and continue to innovate products and services.

You should have received an email last week from my business partner and life partner – my wife Renée. She told you a bit about the story behind the making of Global Healthcare Resources, our parent company.

One component of that umbrella is our industry-leading conference which is now in its 10th year.

We founded HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION (formerly Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and World Medical Tourism & Healthcare Congress) to bring the industry together and to share success stories – what works and what doesn’t, and to help industry players leapfrog ahead to success.

Now there are thousands of vendors all offering “innovation” and it’s impossible for employers, brokers, healthcare providers to filter through all the white noise and what’s real and what is just crap.

Thousands of new shiny baubles are created each year as potential solutions that don’t move the needle at all and are meant merely to distract.

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION is here to debunk the stories and get to the truth from people who are leading the way as agents of change in a system deemed unchangeable. We needed to disrupt the industry and let the change agents show what’s innovative or not.

In the global movement targeting precision and personalized medicine, patient-centered and value-based healthcare would seem to be an achievable universal goal. Artificial intelligence, healthcare blockchain, smart contracts, and digital currency are on the rise to engage, incentivize, and reward people for living healthier lives.

An ecosystem is necessary for connecting providers to payers to patients – motivating communities as a whole to disrupt the status quo. The ecosystem relies on the business professionals to instigate change.

We’ve created that ecosystem.

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION filters through thousands of stories and solutions to identify the few that we feel will have a major impact in lowering healthcare costs, changing behavior, engaging employees in their health and truly disrupting plans to achieve real ROI.

We want to bring you the secrets that the rest of the industry doesn’t want you to hear. With over 150 speakers and 10 new summits we focus on exploring the sore points and hot topics for employers, payers and healthcare providers.

What if together we could lower self-funded healthcare costs by up to 25%?

What if we could increase engagement and participation in well-being programs or voluntary benefits by up to 20%?

What if we could really change the industry, our companies and our careers?

Are you ready to join the fight?

Are you ready to say no to the status quo?

Are you ready for the ЯEVOLUTION?

Join the HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION, October 28-30, 2018.

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