Silver Sponsor Almater Hospital: The Cure for the Common Hospital

upload_almater-logoAlmater Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the Mexicali area. It is located in Mexico bordering with Baja California and they offer over twenty years of world-class private hospital facilities. They have state of the art technology, operating rooms and specialists, surgical staff, doctors and physicians. They offer healthcare for women, cancer treatments, a 24-hour emergency room, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), On-Site Pharmacy and much more. Almater Hospital wants to make sure the patient is at ease and has the best emotional as well as financial support. Many American and Canadian patients travel to Almater due to its high quality, safe, stress free-environment.At Almater Hospital, each patient is assigned a Patient Coordinator. This coordinator is your personal concierge; they arrange your travel, schedule doctor’s appointments, hotel stay, religious services, anything to facilitate the medical process from start to finish. Patient Coordinators also take care of the patient’s families, no matter what language you speak. If you do not speak English or Spanish, Almater Hospital will arrange an interpreter, free of charge!

With a certificate from the Federal Health Sector of the Mexican government, Almater Hospital strives to comply with international standards when it comes to quality and patient safety.

Almater Hospital is a Silver Sponsor of the congress. This year’s highly anticipated World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace.

If you are interested in taking the next step in the industry by promoting your organization at the congress, let us know! Write to [email protected]