Supreme Court Upholds ACA for the Second Time

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States decided on the case King v. Burwell in favor of the Obama administration in a 6 – 3 vote. The decision, which marks the second major victory for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, was surrounding the issue of whether the wording in the law allowed federally facilitated exchanges to offer subsidies to those who enrolled through them. By ruling that federal exchanges cannot offer subsidies, 6.4 million Americans would not be able to afford the coverage they already purchased through the exchange, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the ACA. This is not the case however; the ACA and its subsidies for insurance are here to stay.

“The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court once again surprised many and sided with the Court’s four liberal justices to save the ACA from what could have been a crushing blow.” Said Ben Conley,  Health Care Reform Center & Policy Institute Faculty and Attorney at Seyfarth Shaw. “Although Justice Kennedy also voted with the majority this time, so the Chief Justice’s vote was not as crucial. This was the last remaining challenge that had the potential to significantly derail the ACA, so this decision appears to clear the path for the ACA, at least pending the outcome of the next congressional and presidential election.”

With the second Supreme Court decision in support of the ACA, it is clear that healthcare reform is here to stay. You cannot just pretend that it will go away, because it is becoming more and more clear that it is going nowhere. The time to learn the ins and outs of the ACA is now! The Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® designation is a certification for HR Professionals, Insurance Agents, Brokers, Consultants, CPAs, Healthcare Professionals and anyone else involved in the healthcare and employee benefits industry. Click here to learn more.

“With the recent Supreme Court Ruling, the Health Care Reform Center & Policy Institute will continue to bring our participants and the industry important news and insights that are imperative for our business.” Said Jonathan Edelheit, President and CEO of the Health Care Reform Center & Policy Institute. “It is apparent with this ruling that the ACA is not changing and we are here to help Insurance Professionals and HR Professionals successfully navigate the waters of these imperative issues.”

Jonathan Edelheit(1)

Jonathan Edelheit 

President & CEO

Health Care Reform Center & Policy Institute