Specialty Drug Summit

Specialty Drugs Summit

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A recent study estimates that in 2016, retail, mail, long-term care, and specialty pharmacies dispensed about $115 billion in specialty pharmaceuticals. Specialty drugs accounted for 28% of the pharmacy industry’s prescription dispensing revenues.

It is projected that in 2021, the pharmacy industry’s revenues will be about $572 billion—and that specialty drugs will account for 42% of that figure. National employer research has identified specialty drug costs as one of their top priorities, but there is a continued lack of understanding on how to manage this challenging benefit, and minimal innovation exists to manage rising costs. This interactive and ever so timely Executive summit will explore what innovations currently exist, those on the horizon and what employers and consultants can do today to help manage these rising costs and provide better patient outcomes. In this summit attendees will:

  • Hear what employers are doing right and wrong in managing their biologic/specialty pharmacy benefits
  • Understand what employers can do now to set the foundation for effective management in the future
  • Learn about employer demonstration projects designed to track the effectiveness of key strategies
  • Optimal approaches for innovation in benefit design, vendor, and specialty pharmacy manufacturer contracting
  • Discover how employers are looking at specialty trends and the changes being made to curve the upward cost trend