Special Message From The MTA’s CEO Jonathan Edelheit






I am very excited that in about two weeks we will be announcing the participant list for our upcoming conference in October. I know this is always a big deal in the industry and everyone likes to see who are the first people that have registered and signed up for the congress.  This will be the first of many times we release participant lists, as we usually release new ones every couple of weeks as we get closer to the conference, showing the new attendees that have registered.

One of the most important aspects of this years Medical Tourism Conference is the fact that it is partially integrated with the Employer Healthcare Congress, www.employerhealthcarecongress.com. I think some key people in the industry clearly understand the importance of this and others just don’t appreciate what it really means.  The fact that we will be have potentially 1,000 or more attendees to the Employer Healthcare Congress, which includes some of the largest US Health insurance companies, employers, insurance agencies, consultants, Third Party Administrators and other key healthcare leaders in the US attending the event means that medical tourism participants will have an opportunity at certain points of the conference to be sitting next to them during a cross over session, or at a cocktail function and have the ability to network with them. This has never been done before and no one has ever brought these two industries together. What is really cool, is attendees of the Employer Healthcare Congress will have full access to the Medical Tourism Exhibit Hall, so we hope this gives a lot more

You can get more info on the integration by going to this link on our facebook page.

>> http://on.fb.me/qICrhz <<

We are in our 4th year! Each year we have grown and each year we get more participants from countries that have not attended before.  I am hoping this year we achieve our goal of having over 90 countries attend the event.



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