Warren Kaminsky


Warren Kaminsky has been a medical tourism facilitator since 2006.  The name of his company is Health Travel Tours and is based out of Florida.  His experiences have taken him to several countries to utilize and tour some of the finest medical staffs and facilities available in the world today.  With thirty years of experience as an insurance professional as well, his knowledge pertaining to inspections is very technical.  Warren’s primary destination has always been Costa Rica for several reasons, but mainly the quality and communication received from Medical Tours of Costa Rica. It is important to be able to trust the people on the ground and they have always been a terrific resource.

Warren Kaminsky got into this business by accident. In 2006 he required a procedure that was cost prohibitive in the USA.  Using himself as a guinea pig, trial by fire so to speak, he arranged his tour and took the plunge.  Needless to say, the experience was so overwhelming due to impeccable quality and unsurpassed care, he has been sending people abroad ever since without hesitation.

Looking at the level of professionalism, coupled with genuine caring for the patient, correlating with declining care, quality and availability in the USA, the need for medical tourism has certainly arrived.

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