Tawanna Wedderburn


Mrs. Tawanna Wedderburn is  Chief Executive Officer of Bermuda Health Council.

Mrs. Wedderburn began working at the Health Council in 2007 as Project Manager and was appointed to the Director of Health Regulation in 2011. She served as Acting CEO since July 2015 and CEO as of 13th January 2016.

Mrs. Wedderburn completed graduate studies at the University of Toronto and University of Guelph. After obtaining certifications from the World Bank and Schulich School of Business, she also completed health leadership training at Harvard University’s School of Public Health.

Mrs. Wedderburn has 20 years of clinical experience in mental health. With the team from Child and Adolescent Services, she helped to develop the island’s first treatment team for eating disorders, and psychiatric inpatient unit and day hospital for children. With colleagues, she also developed and taught the Royal College of Nursing [London] cross training program at Bermuda Hospitals Board.

Since joining the Health Council in 2007, Mrs. Wedderburn has been involved in health policy development leading on the regulation of health professionals, improving health facilities, the entry of health technology, and making changes to health insurance coverage; all towards improving access to care and the quality of patient experiences.

As CEO, Mrs. Wedderburn oversees reporting of health expenditures and financing, feasibility of drug formularies, licensing of health insurers, monitoring employers’ compliance with the Health Insurance Act, and coordinating health system reforms.

Mrs. Wedderburn has four children and is committed to the education of Bermuda’s children. She has served on the Ministry of Education’s Gifted and Talented Education Steering Committee and she sits on The Berkeley Institute Board of Governors. Mrs. Wedderburn also served as an active member of the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Ethics Committee for 10 years.

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