Nidal Yousef

Chief Executive Officer - Tebcan

Nidal Yousef has over twenty-five years of business experience with over fifteen years of Leadership, Management and Executive Management Positions with Global, Multinational Corporations in the Silicon Valley in the United States, Australia and the Middle East.  Throughout his career, Nidal has worked on cutting edge technology with Oracle, IBM, Acxiom, Telecom Australia, and others.  Nidal holds a BSc Degree in Computer Science from Iowa State University in USA and a MSc in Software Engineering from Swinburne University in Australia.

Since early 2013 Nidal has been working on co-founding and heading, a leading company working in digital health with the vision to improve the overall healthcare quality by making healthcare more patient-centric, accessible, transparent and reliable through medical bookings, online consultation and medical tourism services with a large network of medical service providers in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and India. 

Prior to tebcan, Nidal spent around six years heading the Software Solutions Division at BT Applied Technology.  The division was specialized in providing services in the areas of software development, infrastructure software solutions, data warehousing, Business Intelligence solutions, portal solutions, and other IT related solutions.  This division also provided technical support to all IT operations within BT and sister companies. During this period Nidal and his team were involved in multiple high-profile projects and was able to complete them with great success. Within the first two years, the division had tripled in size.

Prior to that, Nidal spent around five years at Oracle Corporation in Silicon Valley, USA leading a team of IT professionals who worked on building and maintaining the IT infrastructure for the Applications Division (the division responsible for building the Oracle E-Business suite5000+ employees). The team was responsible for setting and managing the division’s resources in a 24/7 environment. Responsibilities included defining the current and future technology infrastructure for the division and deciding on what technology to be used in building the latest Oracle applications.  Responsibilities also included project management for multiple high-profile operations and software development projects including web applications for managing the complicated IT infrastructures.   

Before Oracle, Nidal worked at Acxiom (Conway, Arkansas, USA) and was a member of a team of developers and database administrators that was dedicated to building specialized CRM application systems and data warehousing solutions for the largest of the companies in the US (including IBM, DELL and others). 

Nidal had also worked for IBM Global Services in Melbourne, Australia.  Nidal was a member of a team of highly skilled software engineers who worked on developing large scale and complex Business software applications in addition to managing multiple large-scale database systems.