Naim A. Yassin


Naim Yassin earned a great experience in both TPA Services and insurance brokers services in the High risk countries such as Iraq, Yemen and Libya

We have been developing our knowledge and experience in in high risk insurance, Evacuation and life Support services in the Middle East, Mena Region, Africa and worldwide, we have the necessary experience to protect your people, projects and assets in post conflict and challenging locations. From War and Terrorism, Kidnap and Ransom and Emergency Evacuation cover to International Cargo, Construction or Liability Insurance. We have cost effective insurance solutions that are tailored to the testing environments that you operate in.

  • Provide a high level of scheduling, coordinating, tracking, monitoring, evaluating and directing activities throughout the operation life-cycle.• Screen calls and prepare reports, project coordination experience and the ability to work with all levels of internal management and staff.
  • Manage the day-to-day operational processes in support of medical teams, including working closely with all process stakeholders (such as client, medical provider, insurers) to ensure that all initiative status are updated and maintained regularly in the operational database.
  • Coordinate for the company all Medevac missions while ensuring positive interaction with all parties including patient, escorts, aircrew, and medical providers.
  • Liaise with medical assistance companies and clients that solve related issues and problems and maintain professional communications and interactions with all parties at all times.
  • Maintain a high level of data quality and complete all company administrative operational documentations and maintain currency of databases and other utilized programs, in addition to working cooperatively and jointly to provide quality communication to all process stakeholders.
  • Conducted researches for possible service providers worldwide in the organisations line of work and best interest.
  • Developed communications with clients / providers and signed agreements with other organizations to raise the efficiency of our network.
  • Assess and process medical claims by clients based on the coverage that they have from their insurance company, and coordinate between the client and his insurers.
  • Train new employees to organizational standards.
  • Developed a user friendly training operations guide for new employees based on own gained experience, with brief yet full instructions on how the organisation works and implements its operations on day-to-day basis with ease, how to approach, contact, and communicate with clients in the most efficient manner.

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