Nada Fayyad


Nada Fayyad is the CEO of BeSure Medical & Health Performance Services Division. Extremely passionate about healthcare, Nada has been involved in the sector in various capacities and roles over the last decade. In her current role as CEO, Nada has been one of the driving forces behind BeSure’s strategic and operational success and spearheading commercial tie-ups and partnerships with healthcare providers, payers as well as corporate clients. Nada has also been instrumental in driving the inbound and outbound medical tourism mandate of the company’s stakeholders.

Prior to taking up the present portfolio, Nada handled the mandate of Chief Commercial Officer at Lifeline Healthcare, playing a pivotal role in the group’s geographical expansion as well as services. In this role, Nada’s strategic contribution included building and leading teams across various hospitals and clinics as part of the expansion plans and growing the businesses across various branches.

Earlier in her career, Nada held a number of senior underwriting and management positions, having led the Medical Underwriting function for a top UAE-based insurance brokerage firm for over seven years. As part of her profile, Nada was directly involved with the entire spectrum of operations and risk management, from the insurer to the employer to the end-user.

Nada has adept knowledge in the medical underwriting domain, having handled the management, support, guidance and consultation to medical underwriters and project management team across different stakeholders, be it the patients, insurers or providers, which not only enriched her knowledge and understanding of the industry but also equipped her with relevant skills to handle complex challenges.

A holder of a bachelors in communications arts from Lebanese American University, Nada is a Lebanese national and has completed her post-graduation in marketing and organizational behavior from the University of Cambridge. Nada is also a noted speaker at leading insurance and healthcare conferences in the UAE, and has taken centre stage as a speaker at Global Women in Leadership Summit in Washington, 9th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Washington and other leading world forums and summits.

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