Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere


Mr. Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere is a serial entrepreneur based in Africa, with headquarters of his corporation in Botswana. Mr. Tekere is healthcare development expert with extensive knowledge of the African healthcare industry and founding inventor of Medical Tourism model in Botswana. Mr. Tekere professional business career spans a spectrum of sectors including: Healthcare Models Research; Healthcare Financing Models; Digital Healthcare Investment ; Africa Health Exhibitions; Cross Country Innovation Transfers between continents; Health Care Hubs Investment, Medical Tourism as well as Health Insurance with partners in U.A.E, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Hungry, India, Greece and South Africa. Mr. Tekere has acclaimed many accolades in Africa, lives in Africa, invests in Africa and believes in the continent of Africa.


  • Over 7 years of healthcare industry experience both locally and internationally.
  • Founder and Chairman of the Medical Tourism Association of Sub-Saharan Africa and Botswana
  • Has worked on the public private partnership model in Africa as a healthcare investment and impact conferencing, also on the management side in Financing negotiations, Strategy mapping, Business Development for Africa hospitals and clinics and the Ministry of Health in Botswana.
  • Partner to multinational organisations in healthcare, medical tourism, and medical equipment associations in Africa. Signed MoU in more than 60 countries globally all interested in Africa.
  • Founder and Chairman, Medical Tourism Botswana

Medical Tourism Botswana is Botswana’s only leading healthcare management consulting firm involved in medical tourism, medical travel, digital chronic medicine dispensing processing market place, second opinion treatment plans sourced from all continents (Germany, South Africa, Central America, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India, Spain and Thailand). Leading Medical Tourism Botswana since 2012, Mr. Tekere has executed innovative healthcare financing projects and solutions for international development agencies, multinational organisations and governmental agencies. These clients include Informa Life Sciences, Medigo, Ministry of Health (MoH) Botswana, Government of Botswana, Pharmaceutical Association of Botswana (PSB), World Travel Markert- Capetown, MTN South Africa, Federal Government of Germany and Medical Distributors Association. Annual Healthcare conferencing and participations such Africa Health, IMTEC, World Medical Tourism Conference and hospital investment and management firms strategy in Botswana, South Africa, Germany. Mr. Tekere is respected member of many associations and also angel investor in many start-ups in Africa.

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