Meri İstiroti

Chairwoman - Turkish Health Tourism

Presently, Ms .İstiroti runs the hospitals under the brand of Liv Hospital in Turkey. She is the chairwoman of the Turkish Health Tourism council that serves Turkey to become a hub for medical tourism.

At the time of Ms. İstiroti’s first entry into the Health Industry in 1990, healthcare management was not recognized as a profession. She became one of the first healthcare executives to apply professional hospital management practices in Turkey. İstiroti, who has helped the training of raising numerous managers in the healthcare sector, received her master’s degree on Health and Hospital Management at İstanbul University and Bahçesehir University after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Boğaziçi University.

İstiroti started her career in health services management at International Hospital, a model institution in terms of hospital management. She started as a public relations manager, then carried on as a administrative coordinator during her 8.5 years of service at this hospital. Afterwards, she worked as the marketing manager at the American Hospital at 2003. She also pioneered to start the first, largest, and an exemplary elderly living center with a rehabilitation hospital within the complex, ”Yaşamkent” under Bayındır Holding as the general manager of that project.

She, as the Deputy General Manager of the group, undertook the duty of opening new hospitals under Acıbadem Healthcare Group and contributed to the development of this healthcare network model with the operational and marketing focus. The institution currently had 9 hospitals and 24 branches, a Health Insurance Company, a University, a project company focusing on turn-key hospital activities and several group companies focusing on health care at her departure.

In the beginning of 90′s, İstiroti observed a lot of patients in Turkey traveling abroad especially to USA, UK, Germany or Israel in order to receive essential and high risk medical services. In charge of the institution’s International Marketing, especially after 2005 by orchestrating activities for patients from abroad incoming to group hospitals,İstiroti turned Acıbadem into a well-recognized, reputable brand in the international arena.

She took the role for marketing b2b services of Bozlu Holding and starting up a cancer center called Neolife. She also supported Dünyagöz Group’s development and the opening of the new facilities and enlarging the chain and overtook the marketing activities as the Deputy General Manager.

By mid-2012, Ms İstiroti worked as the general manager for Liv Hospital undertaking the role of creating the brand ‘Liv Hospital’ as well as the implementation of all the Hospital management processes, the creation of the medical and administrative team. Liv Hospital İtsnabul opened at 2013 and Liv Hospital Ankara opened at 2015 . She continues the development of the Group as Group Coordinator.

Meri İstiroti also assumes tasks in TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association) Medical Tourism Sub-Committee and serves as the Chairwoman of DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) Healthcare Committee amongst Turkey’s most estimable Non-governmental Organization (NGO)’s on international business.

She has published three books: ‘’ Last Word by physicians ‘’ & ‘’ letters to my 30 th age self ‘’ & ‘’ Compass: a comprehensive approach to healthcare marketing ‘’. She raises 2 children.

She has been honored by ‘’honor reward ‘’ at her career by two Rotary Clubs on 2014 and 2015. She has been rewarded as the ‘’year’s Health manager ‘’ on 2002 by the industry. She received an award as ‘’ the most innovative international healthcare marketing brand’’ by Greek MoH on 2014.


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