Mauricio Castillo-Perez

Chief Strategy and International Business Manager - Coomeva´s Health Sector,

Mauricio Castillo-Perez assumed the role of International Business Director of Coomeva Health Sector in January 2007. In this position, Mauricio leads day-to-day strategy and operations for the international division and lends extensive expertise in the development of the organization internationally on opportunities in the provider and insurance healthcare market.

Mauricio holds a master´s degree in business administration from University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, he also received a specialization degree in marketing for the Universidad Autonoma of Manizales in joint program with Cambridge University. Recently he participated in a Fellow Program in the Universidad Los Andes in Strategic Leadership. Currently Mauricio is the Chief Strategy and International Business Director of Coomeva´s Health Sector, one of the biggest health insurance conglomerates in Colombia overseeing strategy for five companies including the expansion Christus Sinergia Salud in partnership with Chiristus Health, a healthcare provider in the US with investments in Latin America: Mexico, Chile and Colombia. Mauricio enjoys playing golf, running and swimming.