Maryna Rotar

President & Founder - VirtusHealth Ltd, - Moscow, Russia

Maryna Rotar is a President and founder of the medical tourism company Virtus Health Ltd, Moscow (Russia).
She received her economic degree in Ukraine.

Maryna started her career in health services management for Izrail Hospital as a public relations manager in Moscow. She has worked hard in the medical tourism field since 2009.

Ms. Rotar founded her own medical tourism company in 2013, Virtus Health and is an expert in the field of medical outbound tourism.

Maryna has oversight of all departments to accomplish the company’s objectives and goals. The company is collaborating with hospitals and wellness resorts in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain, India, Izrael and Belgium.

She continuously strives to expand the company initiatives with hospitals and medical providers located all over the world with the objective of giving the best patient experience.

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