Laurel Hyle

Ombudsman Director - Baylor College of Medicine


As Ombudsman Director at Baylor College of Medicine Laurel is available, as a designated neutral, to all members of the Baylor community as we work together to implement and support Baylor’s mission and vision. The Office of the Ombudsman works to achieve this through application of the ethical principles and standards of practice articulated by the International Ombudsman Association, specifically by providing a forum that is confidential, neutral, independent and informal.

Laurel has trained in conflict resolution, law, public health, and ethics. Her professional interests include developing better understandings among individuals and groups, resolving disputes, and encouraging more meaningful and effective professional relationships and communication. Her work seeks to achieve this through active listening, facilitated communication and the implementation of dispute resolution, conflict management and justice principles, specifically fairness; equity; safe, open communication; consensus building; just culture; de-escalating conflict; and developing and refining techniques for enhancing communication in healthcare and science.

Laurel has worked in the Texas Medical Center for over fifteen years, has advised on highly complex dispute resolution matters, served on threat assessment teams, and has taught classes on conflict resolution, legal, ethical and communication issues to multidisciplinary groups of professionals working in healthcare and science.  She has experience working in both clinical care and research environments.

Laurel is dedicated to creating and sustaining a vibrant, collaborative, and diverse ombuds office that advances the mission and vision of Baylor College of Medicine.

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