Katy Keene

Director of Client Solutions - Inspired Perspectives LLC

Katy Keene is a health and wellness enthusiast both in her personal life and at the workplace where she enjoys the opportunity to support and share her passion through her position at Crowley Maritime Corporation.

Katy is the Manager of Employee Health and Well Being at Crowley where she drives the strategy and direction for corporate benefits and employee programs. She closely aligns benefits and the wellness program to further develop synergies with program offerings. She also leads the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and incorporates this initiative into the existing employee programs and benefits to add value to employees, the organization and the community. She enjoys working closely with and leading her team while also leveraging internal and external partnerships to expand the reach and scope of programs. Katy has double major bachelor degrees in Management and Marketing with an emphasis in sales and customer relationship management from Florida State University. Katy focuses on increasing engagement, developing employee programs and increasing overall health and wellbeing of employees through a multidimensional focus.

She continually strives to grow and develop in the health and wellness field through further education, freelance writing on corporate wellness and speaking opportunities. She is certified as a Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) and Program Coordinator.

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