Julian Treasure

Founder - The Sound Agency, Five-time TED Speaker and Author of "How to be Heard" and "Sound Business"

Julian Treasure is a speaker, CEO, and author of the books How to be Heard and Sound Business. For the past twenty years, he has pioneered work in business sound and personal communication training.

Following a career in publishing and marketing, Julian founded The Sound Agency. The agency advises some of the world’s brands on how to use sound and music effectively. The outcomes from their work – like happier customers and lower crime rates – have made headlines worldwide. The company has proved that good sound really is good business.

From developing communication strategies for brands, the focus of Julian’s recent work has moved on to personal communication skills. His unique conscious listening and speaking techniques have given rise to a book, five acclaimed TED talks, online courses, and international speeches and workshops. Julian’s work has been featured by the likes of TIME Magazine, The Economist, Vogue, GQ, The BBC, NPR, and CBS.

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