Jonathan Edelheit, JD

Chairman & Co-Founder - Global Healthcare Resources

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of Global Healthcare Resources, the managing organization of preeminent associations including Corporate Health & Wellness Association, Medical Tourism Association, and Self Funding Employer Association, amongst others. As Co-founder of HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®, the industry leading event that brings together the most innovative healthcare professionals from around the world, he heads up one of the largest conferences in health.

Mr. Edelheit is at the center of a corporate network connecting over 2.6 million executives and professionals through his portfolio of companies, magazines, events, and expansive presence on LinkedIn Groups with over 1 million members.
Through his determined efforts and resolute conversations with C-Suite executives of Health Insurance Companies, Healthcare Program Providers, Employers, International Corporations, Brokers, and Governments in the US and abroad, Mr. Edelheit raises the bar on innovation and disruption strategies for businesses and consumers.

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