Jane Majendie

Founder of the Majendie Method

Jane Majendie is a multiple world champion martial artist, personal trainer, master yoga teacher, and fitness and well-being expert. She is the creator of The Majendie Method™, which draws from her many disciplines to deliver intelligent and empowering exercise programmes.

Following almost two decades of teaching experience, Jane created her own comprehensive exercise style and system: The Majendie Method. The Majendie Method intelligently combines elements from Jane’s vast array of disciplines to deliver much more than traditional exercise. The Majendie method has helped thousands of people from all walks of life – from individuals to international organisations. Jane has helped hospitality brands have happy, healthy guests; worked with councils
on alternative physical education programmes to improve children’s leadership skills, nutrition, and fitness; created programmes for vulnerable women to boost confidence and awareness of health; and improved workspace wellbeing for organisations with energy-boosting and posture-focussed techniques.

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