Heather Stewart

Director, Benefits & Compensation - NCH Corporation

Heather Stewart is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) with 20 years of progressive experience in employee benefits for large corporations and a recognized benefits brokerage firm. Heather currently is the Director of Benefits & Compensation for NCH Corporation, a global organization with 2,500 U.S. based associates located in 49 states.  Heather and her team are responsible for developing and implementing strategy and curtailing rising costs on the health plan, and has recently led the charge for implementing a new, high-performing narrow network for NCH associates in the D/FW area. Heather and her team are also responsible for the on-going development of the company’s innovative wellness program, which has won United Healthcare’s national Well Deserved Award for three years, including the “Well Deserved Leadership” award in 2016.  Heather firmly believes that innovative solutions to healthcare management and wellness administration is possible for smaller companies and even for companies with a limited budget.

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