Emily Cooper

Benefits Manager - Boulder County

Emily Cooper joined Boulder County in 2013 and serves as the Benefits and Wellness Manager. Prior to that, she spent seven years managing a very busy multi-disciplinary medical clinic. She has coordinated the creation of over 30 lactation rooms across county campuses (many equipped with hospital-grade pumps) and provides free pumping supplies to employees. She also supports the county’s Family Friendly Workplace initiative by providing equipment like Pack ‘n’ Plays and bouncy chairs to employees participating in the Infants-at-Work program. She has a passion for advancing inclusivity at the county and recently expanded voluntarily self-reported demographic information to include gender identity and sexual orientation options. Working with her wellness vendor, she has also been able to create more gender neutral programming and reporting options within the platform to eliminate barriers for non-binary participants. These efforts have helped the wellness program receive multiple awards on both local and national levels. She holds a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Colorado State University and is certified as both a Corporate Wellness Specialist and a Healthcare Reform Specialist.

Emily Cooper
Benefits and Wellness Manager
Boulder County
[email protected]
303-441-3860 (work)
970-691-7471 (cell)

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