Ebrahim Al Nawakhtha

Secretary General - Bahrain Supreme Council of Health & Executive Director - National Social Health Insurance Program

Mr. Alnawakhtha has assumed the position of Secertary General, Supreme Council of Health since May 2014. The responsibilities include management and execution of the council’s national health policies and strategies for the health sector in Bahrain. One of his key roles is acting as an Executive Director for “National Social Health Insurance program”  which is the main government initiative for  health sector reform in the kingdom.

During 25 years’ experience in the public health sector, he has acquired a wealth of health management experience as he assumed various executive management position including a Consultant of health programs management to Minister of Health advising on various national health project.  Also, as a Director of Health Information in the ministry, Mr. Alnawakhtha, has been very instrumental in designing and implementing various national Information technology project including National Health Information system whereby, setting-up a well-integrated information technology infrastructure for implementing  “one electronic medical record” for the public hospitals and Health Centers.

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