Dr. Sophie Chung

CEO & Founder - Qunomedical

Dr. Sophie Chung is the CEO and Founder of Qunomedical, a Berlin-based digital health platform that is providing patients worldwide access to high-quality affordable healthcare.

After earning her MD degree from the Medical University of Vienna, Sophie gained firsthand experience in treating patients as a doctor in Australia.

She then served as Director of Healthcare Strategy at Zocdoc, a healthcare technology startup in New York focused on doctor discovery and appointment booking, and was also a Strategy Consultant for McKinsey & Company’s Healthcare Practice where she worked with government, hospital, health insurance and pharmaceutical industry clients around the world.

Dr Chung first encountered the complex issues involved in providing people with access to healthcare whilst working for an NGO in Cambodia. While working in the healthcare industry, she understood that access to healthcare is a global problem, where patients are still struggling to find the right doctor: one that is experienced, affordable and available when needed.

Sophie founded Qunomedical in 2015 with the mission to give patients worldwide access to the best doctors. Currently, the platform connects patients with high-quality hospitals in 25 different countries. The type of treatment ranges from dental implants to complex cardiac surgeries. Based on the strict quality standards for hospitals, only the best clinics are registered and constantly tested along the patient experience.