Dr. Serge Alexanian


Serge Alexanian is a biophysicist and Pathologist who joined the UCLA Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in 2014 as the inaugural chief medical officer and laboratory medical director of UCLA Health / CTI Medical Laboratories in Shanghai. Dr. Alexanian attended the University of Southern California where he graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of science in biophysics. He received his medical degree at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA where he also completed a combined residency in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology and served as chief resident in charge of education and general operations. He subsequently further subspecialized in Hematology/Hematopathology and Dermatopathology while at UCLA.

Dr. Alexanian currently serves multiple roles in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  As Director of Special Operations he coordinates and operationalizes external business and medical collaborations with non-UCLA entities and international partnerships which aim to further UCLA and UCLA Health’s long term strategic objectives.  In this role Dr. Alexanian also leads rapid response teams composed of staff, residents, and faculty to tackle high priority departmental initiatives centered around Performance Improvement projects such as process optimization, resource utilization, quality assurance, and formal workflow audits.  Additionally, he continues to practice clinical medicine with a focus on Dermatopathology, teaching medical students and residents, and mentoring pathologist-trainees interested in engaged advocacy and medical leadership.

Internationally, Dr. Alexanian serves as liaison to UCLA Health and the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in numerous capacities: as Co-Director of the Pathology Clinical Observership program he assists in the design of international medical training programs and on-site experiences at UCLA as well as community engagement and educational exchanges for non-physician staff; as associate director of international telepathology he collaborates with current clients to expand teleconsultation services while assisting in the recruitment and onboarding of new clients groups, particularly from the Asia-Pacific region. He has served as a consultant for the provision of laboratory services in the areas of Anatomic and Clinical pathology and enhancement of high complexity laboratory services provided in China; the latter area in particular has resulted in significant governmental/media endorsement as highlighted by a Shanghai site-visit by Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles in November of 2014. Dr. Alexanian remains active in the Chinese medical community, giving numerous lectures through the country and serving as a member of the UCLA Shanghai Alumni Leadership committee.

Dr. Alexanian is passionate about leveraging innovative practices and new technologies to expand access to equitable, world class diagnostic medical capabilities by patient populations the world over.  He has spoken nationally and internationally regarding strategies for creating diagnostic consultation networks in digital medicine, with a focus on overcoming systemic cultural and technological obstacles to strategic advancement in telepathology.

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