Dr. Joe Veltmann

Co-Founder & CSO - Genoma International

Dr. Joe Veltmann is a scientist, healthcare practitioner, author, teacher and genomics expert who has been advancing genomic medicine since 2001.

Dr. Veltmann has extensive experience as a researcher and practitioner, authored scientific papers that have been cited over 1800 times, and is co-author of Genome-Guided Metabolic Therapies in Metabolic Therapies in Orthopedics.

Extending his proprietary GENESIS Matrix™ health model to corporate wellness, he has demonstrated improved health outcomes and significant cost savings using genomic medicine. A keynote speaker at conferences, he leads course development for Genoma International.

Dr. Veltmann is co-founder & CSO of Genoma International, where comprehensive genomic testing and training provide clinicians and corporations with the tools they need to offer DNA-directed healthcare.

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