Dr. Jeff Tarrant


Owner, Author –  NeuroMeditation Institute


As an educator, speaker, researcher and Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Tarrant has devoted much of his career to exploring and teaching about the mind/body connection.

Dr. Tarrant received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri in 1997. Since that time he has trained extensively in both ancient and modern healing practices.
His work utilizes several forms of technology-based therapies including neurotherapy, audio visual entrainment, brain blood flow biofeedback (HEG), and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

In addition, Dr. Tarrant has studied and taught the ancient practices of Qigong, mindfulness, and energy psychology for the past fifteen years.


Dr. Tarrant holds a position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Missouri where he has taught courses including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Qigong, Transforming Stress: Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, Opening Our Senses: Mindfulness in Nature, Buddhist Psychology and Functional Neuroscience.

Dr. Tarrant is a Global Neurotherapy Initiative (GNI) Instructor and conducts certification workshops for both neurotherapy and heart rate variability biofeedback.  Dr. Tarrant also provides national continuing education trainings though PESI on topics including: “Mindfulness Interventions to Rewire the Brain” and “Medication-Free Treatment Strategies for ADHD”.


Dr. Tarrant maintains a private practice in Corvallis, OR and combines these modern and ancient practices in his clinical work to form an integrated and holistic system of health and healing. Following an initial assessment, Dr. Tarrant works with the client to develop a treatment plan using one or more of the techniques available.

Research Studies

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts and Quantitative EEG: Study on novice and experienced mediators
  • Biofield Viewer Changes from the Meditation on Twin Hearts and Divine Healing
  • sLORETA Changes in Specific Brain Regions During Mediation on Twin Hearts: Differences between novice and experienced meditators
  • Quantum Movement (QM) as a Tool for State at Trait Change in Psychological Function and Quantitative EEG Patterns
  • An Examination of Self-reported Pain and Quantitative EEG Changes in Pranic Healing vs. Placebo Conditions: A pilot study

Current Studies in Progress

  • Quantitative EEG analysis of Emotional Freedom Technique for sexual assault survivors: A pilot study
  • MicroTesla pulsed electromagnetic frequency bilateral stimulation for anxiety and trauma
  • The usefulness of EFT as an intervention in anxiety disorder

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