Dr. Adedayo Osholowu

Director - Kasi Center for Telehealth Lagos Airport - Nigeria
Dr. Adedayo Osholowu is currently Director of Kasi Center for Telehealth Lagos Airport. The leader in medical tourism facilitation in West Africa. Based only 5 minutes from the Lagos International Airport Terminal.  Kasi Center for TeleHealth Lagos Airport offers to the local market the following services in collaboration with our International Hospital Network.
  • Telemedicine Services including Virtual Second Opinions and Tele-radiology
  • Airport Medical Services including Airport Patient Assistance Services, International Patient Transfers, Fly-In Surgeon Program and Medevac
  • Clinical education and Training through Tele Education and Onsite training as well as licensed surgical camps and accredited local Clinical training workshops.
We focus exclusively on high-value specialties missing in the local market including but not limited to: Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Spine Surgery, and Oncology.
Before joining the board of Kasi Healthcare. Dayo has held several executive leadership positions with leading Healthcare and Sports organizations including FIFA, CAF, Special Olympics International, Lagoon Hospitals Nigeria and Special Olympics Nigeria.  He has served as CEO Unity Hospital Nigeria in 2015, He served at the   Athens 2011 Special Olympics World Games, South African 2010 FIFA World Cup, and as one of the Directors of the Special Olympics International Healthy Athletes Program in Africa since 2008. He also recently served as a Director of the Healthcare and Hospital Projects Practice at Iheoo Partners a Lagos Based Professional services firm. In recognition of his service with the Nigerian national team as a team doctor, he was honoured in 2009 with the Nigerian Young Professional of the Year award and was in 2010 again nominated for this award and formally recognized by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Jonathan Goodluck and the VP of the World Bank for Africa Oby Ezekwesili for his exceptional professional career. Dayo is licensed with the medical and dental council of Nigeria and has received temporary licenses to practice medicine in South Africa, Greece, and Ghana.

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