Chris Yarn

CEO- Walk On Clinic, Inc , Healthcare Crooner

He’s known by two names in the insurance world: Chris Yarn and his alter ego, Frank MicDroppa. Chris is all business. He has spent 13 years as a licensed agent with experience working in the carrier, independent agency, and captive sides of the insurance industry. Frank, on the other hand, is all swagger. He’s a parody singer with a message he says will change the insurance industry’s future. You can catch him performing on LinkedIn any time. As a business owner, Chris founded one of the largest craft breweries in the southeastern United States, Big Storm Brewing Company, alongside his brother. He also opened a marketing and consulting agency and recently founded Walk On Clinic, Inc in 2017.  He has consulted to dozens of executives in various industries, and also been in their shoes. This gives him a unique range of experience and expertise. He is a University of Central Florida graduate, an avid reader, chess and tennis player. He volunteers at UCF, mentoring and teaching students in what is one of the nation’s top professional selling programs. Chris lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and is married to national TV personality and HSN host, Michelle Yarn. Chris and Michelle have two boys ages 6 and 3.


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